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#BackforBetter – A series of extraordinary stories of women.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, KLAY celebrates women from different walks of life who have beaten the odds and overcome their guilt, to get back to work after the various milestones in their life.

Nidhi Agarwal

Watch Nidhi Agarwal, co-owner of Realsteel Fitness, talks about her journey of getting back to work after a 3-year career break. From being in the retail and fashion industry for 25 years, she has today transformed into a fitness guru.

Namrata Sadhwani

Namrata Sadhwani, Editor at Momspresso, speaks about her motherhood journey and her belief that women do not need validation as ‘perfect moms’ and are special just the way they are.

Shreya Krishnan

Shreya Krishnan, CSR Specialist and VP-Marketing Communications at Anviti, talks about how important it is for women to follow their passions, nurture their support system and do whatever makes them happy.

Savitha Sastry

Savitha Sastry, a renowned Bharatanatyam dancer and co-owner of a production company, speaks about her journey of getting back to dancing after a 15-year break.

Nish Amarnath

Nish Amarnath, Journalist and Author, talks about the how she rose above all her health challenges to balance work, life and everything in between.

Abhilasha Padhy

Abhilasha Padhy, co-founder, 80 dB Communications, speaks about how her family played a huge role when it came to supporting her to pursue her career and follow her dreams.

Goda Raghavan

Goda Raghavan, corporate transactional lawyer and partner at AK Law Chambers talks about how she balanced motherhood and a career in law.

Karen Annunciation

Karen Annunciation, RJ and Lead Consumer Communication at OYO Hotels and Homes speaks about her motherhood journey and how her family and colleagues supported her and made it possible for her to get back to her career.

Kuppulakshmi Krishnamoorthy

Kuppulakshmi Krishnamoorthy, Editor, Communications Specialist and now product evangelist now at Zoho, talk to us about how important it is for more women to get back to work and follow their dreams.

T Rukmini Devi

T Rukmini Devi, a 65-year-old athlete who is currently the Secretary of the Chennai Masters Athletic Association strongly believes that dreams can come true at any age when you have the determination to follow them.

Priya Krishnan

Watch Priya Krishnan, CEO and Founder KLAY Preschools and Daycare talk about how it is never too early or too late to follow your heart and do what you have always wanted to do

Pooja Talwar

Pooja Talwar,co-founder of the London Learning Centre, talk about her journey of motherhood and how she started LLC after her daughter was diagnosed with Hypotonia.

Abirami Dusshyanth

Abirami Dusshyanth, producer and co-founder of Eshan Productions talk about how she battled many challenges while following her passions in a male dominated industry.

Krupalini Sreenivasalu

Krupalini Sreenivasulu, engineer turned farmer growing sustainable and chemical free food, talks about how she overcame personal challenges to finally do what she always wanted to.

Lakshna Chaddha Jha

Lakshna Chaddha Jha, CEO of sRide, one of India’s largest carpooling apps, talk about her journey to success and how none of all she has achieved would have been possible without the support of her family, friends and colleagues.