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If you’re a thinker, writer, or storyteller, you’ve come to the right place

We welcome brand-agnostic content on topics that truly matter to millennial parents. This can include well-research expert pieces, personal experiences, best practices, etc. All content must be written exclusively for ‘The Parent Thing’ (means it hasn’t been submitted elsewhere). Send your pieces to outreach@klayschools.com in a word document with your name, credentials (short bio) and contact information. Additionally, do include an executive summary (1-2 para) of the article and your hi-res photograph. If you have a video encapsulating your thoughts, that would be great too!

The editorial team will review the pitch/ article and work with the contributor on the edits, if any. We reserve all rights to make edits pertaining to the language, grammar, or length of the article. Substantive changes are subject to the approval of the contributor.

We welcome thoughtful, well-researched and original pieces. We will not, however, tolerate plagiarized, unsafe or alarmist content.