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Feel miserable about your children having to spend all their time within four boring walls of the home? Transport them to a magical world where all is possible, through books.

It has been rightly said, “A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far off places without ever leaving your chair”. That’s exactly what we need, especially today, when our kids are confined to their homes but yearn to feel that ray of sunshine on their skin, the fresh breeze in their hair, and all the wonderful experiences of the outside world.

5 Essential Books for a Parent Toolkit

In the interest of introducing our children to the finer pleasures of reading, here are our top picks of best children’s books, listed by age, to start your child off on this journey of reading.

Children’s Books: 2-4 Years Old

This child book is when your little ones are full of innate curiosity. Kids this age enjoy reading books that are big, bright and colourful. Here are some best children’s book list for 2-4 years old that your toddler will absolutely love.

1. What Are Stars?

Written and Illustrated by Katie Daynes, Usborne Books

This delightful child book with simple explanations and colourful illustrations will introduce your children to the world of stars and the beautiful night sky. A great book to encourage your child to ask questions and try and figure out answers, this child book is a must read.



2. There’s No Such Thing as Monsters!

There’s No Such Thing as Monsters!By Steve Smallman

A wonderful story that your little one can read before bedtime, this child book revolves around the story of a little bear who is scared of sleeping in his own room. A favourite among toddlers, this story will help your children overcome their fears and understand that there is no such thing as monsters after all. This one is a great hit among the team here and has worked wonders in helping our respective children sleep alone.


3. Whiffy Wilson

Whiffy Wilson

By Caryl Hart

Have you ever struggled to put your child to sleep? Does your little one think sleep time is boring? This hilarious story is something all you parents can relate to as it takes you through the story of Whiffy Wilson and how he changed from someone who never went to sleep to one that looks forward to it.



Children’s Books: 4-6 Years Old

These are the best years when your child will love to read the most. Now is when they are able to read 3-4 word sentences and are able to comprehend simple concepts. Listed below are a few best child books for 4-6 years old, you can introduce your children to.

4. You’re All My Favourites

You’re All My Favourites

By Sam McBratney

A bestselling picture child storybook about unconditional love between families, this book follows the lives of a family of bears and talks about how everyone is unique and special in their own ways.


The good thing about this enchanting story is that it helps children inculcate good values and teaches them the importance of gratitude and honesty. Of course, this also means that we need to ourselves be good role models. Children after all imitate and learn from all that we do.


5. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried WolfBy Aesop

This all-time favourite children’s book and s story of a shepherd boy, teaches all your little ones the important lesson of always being truthful, no matter what the circumstance. A simple and easy to read story, this book dates from classic times and is sure to leave a lasting imprint on every young reader’s mind. This book’s a keeper and a definite ‘That Parent Thing’ favourite.


6. Bear Feels Sick

Bear Feels SickBy Karma Wilson

A heartwarming and sweet child book about the importance of friendship in our lives, it follows the story of a bear who falls sick and doesn’t want to play. Through this book teaches an essential lesson that each one of us has the power to help each other and that no matter how small the effort, our help to someone in need can always bring a smile to their faces.


Children’s Books: 6 and Above

Children of the ages of 6 and above, have so much happening in their lives. They are exploring new things around them all the time and are learning so much. Besides learning how to wear their own clothes and tie their own shoes, they are also learning to become independent readers. Here are a few best children’s book list for 6 years and above:

7. Winnie-the-Pooh

Winnie-the-PoohBy A. A. Milne

A classic, this enchanting storybook follows the lives and adventures of a cuddly adorable bear and his friends from the forest. Filled with simple little stories that will make you laugh, this child book is a must read for all young readers as it tells them all about friendship, empathy, gratitude and enjoying even the smallest and simplest things in life. It’s a must-have in your book shelf and here’s why


8. The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted WoodBy Enid Blyton

The first of the Faraway Tree Series, the Enchanted Wood, is a story of three  children and the exciting adventures that they embark on every time they climb this magical tree. This fascinating book is a great way to ignite your child’s imagination and get them thinking of all the wonderful things that can happen on those strange lands. This book is sure to kindle your own childhood memories and is a great story to pass on to the next generation.


9. George’s Marvellous Medicine

George’s Marvellous MedicineBy Roald Dahl

This engaging tale of a 7-year-old boy George and his wish to transform his cranky grandma is creative, hilarious and a fun read. A great way to encourage your child to imagine as they read along, Roald Dahl’s book will keep your child completely glued to the pages. Also, if there is one child book you want your child to read over summer, it should be one by Roald Dahl. The influence of this author on your little one’s childhood is un-explainable.

It’s exciting when you see your child put together letters to read words isn’t it? As they grow up, you’ll see that it’s more exciting to help expand the horizons of their mind through reading. Because once a reader, always a reader.

What are some of your kid’s favourites?


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