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10 Fun Birthday Party Games for Children


Estimated read time : 6 minutes

Every parent wants their child to have the best birthday. And the biggest draw at every child’s party are the games, of course!

Let’s face it – everyone loves a good party. And the key ingredient to a good party is – fun!

Parents often find themselves confounded about what to do for their child’s birthdays, especially when it comes to arranging birthday games.

Birthday parties increase your child’s self-esteem, help them make new friends and create everlasting memories.

So here are our top picks for birthday games, just to help you out.

1. Grandmother’s Footsteps

One of the participants plays grandma and stands in the room with her back turned towards everyone. All the other children then line up towards the other side of the room.

When grandma’s back is turned, everyone is supposed to come closer to her. Grandma will turn around at any moment and if she catches anyone moving, the game goes back to the beginning.

The first person who manages to reach grandma and tap her on the shoulder wins and gets to be the grandma for the next round.


2. In & Out The Dusty Bluebells

In this traditional party game children except for one stand in a circle, hold hands and lift them together in arches. The one child that is not a part of this chain moves in and out of those human arches to the sound of ‘In & Out The Dusty Bluebells’.

When the rhyme’s chorus starts, the child will stop wherever he is and tap the person in front of him on their shoulders. Then these two children will form a chain and weave arches together. The chorus keeps repeating and the chain keeps getting more and more chaotic!


3. Duck Duck Goose

All children sit in a circle and one of them gets picked.

The chosen one then has to walk around the circle and tap each child on their head while calling out ‘duck’. After a while, the child will say ‘goose’ and run around the circle to get back to the place where she was sitting. Now, the ‘goose’ has to try and catch her!

If the first chosen child manages to finish a round of the circle before being caught, she sits down and the chaser gets his turn. If not, the same child gets to have a go again!


4. Obstacle Course

This is a game that needs a garden or a big room.
A large area has to be cleared. Then arrange that area with ‘islands’ – cushions, pillows, beanbags or just about anything on the floor which will form the obstacle course.

Once the course has been set, all the children have to go around the room, over the course and try not to fall in the river, which are the obstacles. Whoever falls in the river the least is then adjudged the winner.


5. Show Jumping

This is another fun game that requires a lot of space. A pony jumping course needs to be set up.

Pots, bamboo sticks, and planks can be used to create the course. Each child is then handed a number and they have to run through the course pretending to be ponies.

Once they’re racing against each other, throw in some commentary and take the fun to the next level!


6. Escape The Monster

All the children are to be lined up on one side of the room. One or two other children will pretend to be monsters in the middle of a forest.

The children then have to run across the forest without getting caught by the monster. If the monster manages to catch them, they become monsters as well.

This fun and frolic will continue until one child gets caught. The last child who has not gotten caught is the winner.


7. Musical Bumps

Also called musical chairs, this is one of the oldest and most fun birthday games for everyone, children and adults included.

Get the children to dance to some music. When the music ends, they have to quickly find a chair and sit. The last one to sit or the one that’s left without a chair is out. The last child that is still left dancing is then the winner.


8. Chinese Puzzle

One child closes her eyes, and all the other children are in a circle holding hands. Without breaking the human chain, the children have to tie themselves into the most complex knots possible.

Once they are ready, the child with the closed eyes is supposed to come back and open the knot, while being careful not break any links.

The funny bit is when children start falling in these attempts.


9. Sand Treasure Hunt

This is another game that needs a little bit of open space and some sand.

Put some assorted treasure pieces like coins or chocolates in a sand tray and evenly spread it out. The treasures need to be completely hidden in the sand.

Each child will be handed flags with their names on it. The children are then supposed to plant their flags wherever they think the treasure is hidden. Once everyone has taken their turns, they uncover the treasure and whichever child’s flag is planted closest to the treasure, wins!


10. Chopsticks

Get all the children to sit on a table or a floor if there are a lot of participants. Hand everyone a towel on which you place around 10-15 raisins or peanuts, a small box and a pair of chopsticks. The child that manages to transfer all the things into the box using only chopsticks wins!

Children’ birthday parties can be a lot of fun with these games thrown in. These games are not only fun, but they also offer children the chance to participate in games and activities that they usually won’t – and most importantly, win!

Birthday parties are serious business for your children – make sure you always outdo their expectations!