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What is a Chore Chart?

A chore chart is a fun way for parents to teach kids responsibility from a young age. It is an interactive format for listing out the chores to be completed by the child in a week. It can be used by the whole family to keep track of when chores get done. It can also be accompanied by a points system to reward children for completed tasks.


Why a Chore Chart?

Involving your kids in routine chores makes it something for them to look forward to. This not only helps build a sense of independence and team work in the child but also develops their motor skills. Studies show that children who help out in the kitchen chores like washing veggies, grating cheese, peeling peas and kneading dough are less likely to be fussy eaters.


How do you build a Chore Chart? 

To ensure children actively work towards their chores, make them age appropriate and simple to understand. Younger children could be tasked with more basic chores such as making the bed, putting their toys away, and collecting clothes in the hamper. Older children are capable of setting the table, putting the laundry away and arranging bought groceries.


How do you use the Chore Chart?

It’s important to be regular yet flexible. The aim is not perfection but to give your kids a method of getting their chores done that they can ease into a self-reliant routine. Keep the chart at children’s eye level to help them follow it easily. As children get older and more used to their tasks, change the routine, add more tasks and involve them in the decision-making process.


And once the chores are done?

Motivate your little ones with ingenious incentives. Reward their finished chores with brownie points that can be redeemed weekly for a variety of fun activities. Family movie night, trip to the ice cream shop, enjoying homemade popcorn or reading a book together are just some ideas to keep things fresh.

Using these few basic guidelines, make the Chore Chart your own and let your child be the best little helper they can be.