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5 Inspiring Ideas To Help Kids Connect With Nature


Estimated read time : 4 minutes

In our bustling city lives, getting a bit of sunshine, sand and trees is almost a miracle!

But when it comes to our children, it is crucial that they get a firm connection with Mother Nature at a young age so that they grow up to be well rounded, happy adults.

Concern for the environment has to be cultivated at a young age so that our future generations are responsible adults and give back to nature.

And of course, there is nothing more relaxing than watching the breeze make leaves and flowers sway gently as the sun warms us.

Here are some tips to help bring your child closer to nature.

Start As Close As Possible

Getting in touch with nature doesn’t necessarily require a long drive out of the city. Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, go for it! It is ideal though to start closer to home. A home garden might be a great idea, where you could get your little ones to spend a little time every day watering the plants or just looking at them. If there is no garden at home, take them to your neighbourhood park. They will be enthralled even by chameleons!

Get Closer

Wherever you choose to go – forest or park – carry a magnifying glass and zoom in to all of nature’s beauty. You and your children can take turns looking through the magnifying glass. The amount of detail you will be able to see is breath-taking! If your children are old enough to write or draw, have them create a nature journal and note down all the fine details on leaves, plants and flowers, the textures of bugs, and the details of stones and shells. This not only helps them establish a connection with their surroundings but will also help improve their attention to detail.

Sit And Stare

Sometimes all that is required is a mat, some water and your time. Teach your little ones to sit still in nature and observe the various sounds, sights and smells around them. Ten minutes of calm breathing, while surrounded by nature, is very rejuvenating and will do wonders for your little ones.

Plan A Treasure Hunt

Toddlers need to constantly be on the move and follow whatever it is that piques their curiosity. So how about sending them on a nature treasure hunt around your own garden or in a park? Go along with them as they dig up various treasures that you have buried in the ground. Use pictures you have already taken to help them identify the various spots you have hidden the treasure. This will not just be a fun activity for your children, but also a fun way to help them notice their surroundings.

Create Art

All the artistically inclined kids will love this one! Go around your local park or garden with your little ones and collect various materials from nature – dry leaves, fallen leaves or mud. Use these materials to create amazing art!

If you need some inspiration, start off with this! You will need some sand, leaves of different shapes, glue, paint, small flowers (remember to take only what you find fallen on the ground) and a sheet of paper.

How to create your masterpiece

  • Apply glue to a part of the lower part of your paper (approximately 1/3rd)
  • Scatter sand all over the lower part as uniformly as possible and let the glue   dry. Lift the paper and tap so that the excess sand spills off
  • Stick the leaves and flowers on the remaining part of the paper
  • Fill in the rest of the paper with hand-drawn elements – grass, the sun, sky,   clouds and anything else that catches your fancy
  • Voila, your masterpiece is ready!
  • Nature is not only beautiful but also a lot of fun. Getting your child close to   nature at a young age brings her closer to it.