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A father-son relationship is very difficult to describe because it is one that is based on unsaid and unexpressed feelings. If there is a relationship in this world that is marred the most by a communication gap, it is the father-son bond. This Father’s Day let us take the first step towards understanding the dynamics of this relationship.

There are many studies which show the impact a father has in a boy’s life, the impact in terms of the kind of person he eventually turns out to be. The father’s behaviour influences the impressionable mind and those then serve as a glass through which he assesses the society

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Relationship Dynamics:

Father son hand together

A father-son relationship is more about action than mere words. The son finds a role model in his father and it is the drive to be exactly like or better than his father that makes a young boy aspire and set goals for themselves.

With this in the backdrop we can now think of ways to enhance this unique relationship that will shape your son for the rest of his life:

• Building a bond with your child is such a crucial part to good fatherhood! Every father gets the opportunity right from the first time he picks up his child in his arms to building this bond that sets the tone for the rest of his life.

• A father holds a baby close to his chest and gives him the comfort and sense of protection. As the baby becomes a toddler, the father plays around with him, tickles him, rubs his back, plays with his hair, gives a light massage to his legs – such actions emote a sense of love, care and healthy touch in the child. These small tokens of love and care that a father (in addition to the mother) shows to the child also helps him in understanding how to react before taking any action, to be kinder and humbler in life and also helps the child to keep his temper under control.

Happy FamilyIn today’s busy life, when most of the fathers have their calendars filled with work-related activities, have mobile reminders with mortgage and insurance premium payments, I have made sure that I allocate at least 2 hours of my calendar to my child in a day. I also set reminders in my mobile to ensure that my plans with my child don’t go unattended – plans such as taking him to visit a regular paediatrician, play areas, gaming zones, and other such activities. Giving importance to all other things such as work, workouts, sleep, a well-balanced lifestyle is important, however, ensuring that the time allocated for your child is adhered to, is the most crucial part of my planning as a father.

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• As a teenager, the child will have his/her own friend circle & is always running against time to achieve goals in life. This is the time when as a father your bond with your child matters a lot if not the most. As a father, if you have developed such a special bond with your child since birth, your child will come back to you with problems in studies, issues with friends, career choices to seek your advice.

As a father, I need to listen to him, be patient and try to be unbiased while understanding the conversation. Not everything that you as a father has learnt will be applicable to your child. As a father, we need to have an open mind to understand the psyche of a child.

Your child learns most from you and will always look up to you in his or her life. And having a proper bond with your child as a father makes all the difference in the world as your child grows older. And in the end, this bond is going to make your child come back to you in the most crucial times.

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With changing parenting styles in today’s age, men grow and learn to be fathers every day. Enjoy this journey as it’s as important and beautiful as motherhood.

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Biplav Sarkar works with number #1 CRM company in the world in the solution department. He is a proud dad who indulges in extracurricular activities and academics of his son Vihaan.