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Panel on Mental Health Awareness During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Estimated read time : 1 minutes

We live in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world today. The outbreak of COVID-19 is disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives. Our mental health is the most important resource for weathering the storm. It is important to understand how the crisis affects us: adults and children, differently. While adults can take appropriate measures to maintain ‘mental hygiene’, in children, it becomes to difficult to even detect signs of stress or worry. Meet our experts who take you through the key steps to maintain mental equilibrium in the new normal.



  • SHREYA KRISHNAN (VP, Marketing at Anviti Insurance Brokers and TED Speaker)
  • MEGHNA YADAV (Family Counselor and Child Psychologist)
  • Dr Venkatesh Babu (GM, Consultant Psychiatry, Fortis Hospital [Consult Patients on Practo)
  • Parul Ohri (Editor and Founding Members of  Momspresso)