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Have you ever thought about why children use the last page of the notebook? Have you noticed how the last page is filled and more hap-hazard than the first page? Have you ever wondered why we open the last page when we are engaged and want to note something down?

Owing to the fact that the last page does not account for anything, it allows your child to make mistakes, share inner secrets, make flawed calculations, and draw random doodles that don’t necessarily make sense. The last pages carry our first signatures, our test scribbles of a new pen, our teenage relationship games, our testing ground to become the perfect version which we aspire to be.

Do you know why? Because the last page doesn’t account for anything – there is no real or serious consequence of scribbling on the last page. There is no evaluation, judgement, or rules. It is a place for thoughts to run free, for doodles to be drawn, for dreams to be dreamt.

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Be that last page for your child. If you’re wondering how you can do that, here are some easy –

Quality time is everything

child and family

Let’s accept that life is busy for everyone these days, more so during the lockdown. While the rest of the world finds time to hone hobbies and skills, parents are usually juggling multiple roles. Managing office work, household chores and taking care of the children is tough. But let’s take a step back and look at the larger picture. Everything we are working for is towards the happiness of the family but it gets diluted when you’re too busy or stressed to spend time with the children.

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  • Set a dedicated time during the day to connect with the child with your child
  • Create a special ritual for you and your child by playing some game daily
  • It is very important to tell your child that you love them
  • Positive reinforcement is essential through acknowledgement and appreciation

Accept your children for who they are


Regardless of age, it’s painful to be under the microscopic eye of parents. This is more so for a child at a vulnerable age. It’s great to have loving and supportive parents and even better to build an environment where children and grandparents can connect. While it’s tough to be happy or chirpy ALL the time, remember let the smaller things go. Even while correcting your child, be sensitive about the way you do it.

  • Accept that every child is unique just as adults are
  • Discuss rather than punish
  • It is never about what parents want it is always about what the child wants
  • Experience the world as a child rather as a parent, be empathetic
  • Never compare your child to their peers 

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Build your child’s self-esteem

child self development

We, as parents, always want our children to succeed in whatever they do. We go to the extent of attributing the success to our capabilities. Let’s rid our lives of the pursuit of success and shift the focus to the pursuit of happiness. Please don’t impose/project your aspirations on your children. They may be born to you but their interests and world-view may be completely different.  Acknowledge every effort your child puts to do something new and remember, they grow up in spite of you. Let go of the habit of evaluating your success through your children.

  • Your power of Intention, devotion and faith is unseen but can be felt
  • It is not easy to acknowledge each time but so much required for your child
  • Your positive thought about your child always translates
  • Acknowledge consciously 

“Let’s strive to be open, non-judgemental and accessible – like the all-important, trustworthy last page in a book.”

Vidhya Lobo

Vidhya Lobo

From an IT professional to a preschool educator the transformation was wonderful, rather I can say I followed my heart rather than my mind. I am an educator who believes in intentional teaching and purposeful learning. Being with these young kids every day allows you to tap on your inner child.