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The Top Three Myths About Day-Care Busted


Estimated read time : 3 minutes

The stigma of putting children in day-care centres and preschools is slowly changing.

More working and non-working women are beginning to enrol their little ones in day-care. A day-care or preschool offers your little one’s options that stay-at-home care may not, such as bonding with same-age peers, learning to share with other children and healthy competition.

Every parent though has concerns about leaving their little ones in someone else’s care. Here is a list of some of the common concerns every parent has and answers too.

“My child will grow unattached from me if s(he) is  in day-care”

Mothers, and fathers, breathe easy. A study sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reported that the sense of trust felt by 15-month-old children in their mothers was not affected by whether or not the children were in day-care, how many hours they spent there, the age they entered day-care, the quality or type of care or by how many times the care arrangements were changed. Experts say that the trust or bond between child and parent is affected by the sensitivity of the parents and their responsiveness to the child.


“My little one will resent me later in life if I put        him/her in day-care”


No child will grow up to resent their parents because he/she was put in day-care. If you feel that they might, take the time to talk to them and tell them the reason you put them in day-care. Open and honest communication helps build strong relationships. Remember, any time your little one shows signs of being upset with you, talk to him/ her about it.


“I’m a bad parent for considering day-care for my child”

No, you are not a bad parent for putting your little one in a day-care. Day-care centres help your little ones socialise with other children, they teach your little ones how to be independent and they also help show your children that being independent is good.

Your little ones learn from a very young age that having personal time is a necessity and they build more trust in themselves and in you. If you find the right preschool, day-care can be a rich and amazing experience for your children.

They learn to develop trust in another adult aside from you, they learn to fall asleep on their own, they make friends and look forward to seeing them, they learn from the older children, a model for the younger, potty train earlier and so much more!

So the next time you feel guilty about your little one is in day-care, stop feeling that way, take a deep breath and choose to chase your dreams too.