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What To Do When Your Child Makes You Angry?


Estimated read time : 2 minutes

There is no doubt that we as parents are full of love for our children. If possible, we would move the moon and stars to ensure that our children are happy, protected and healthy. But sometimes even this unconditional love towards our kids doesn’t stop us from getting angry with them.

With your toddler’s screaming, crying, creating a mess, fussy eating and tantrums, it is only natural to get mad. Remember, it is natural to feel frustrated at times but what is not acceptable is to shout or spank your child. So, what do you do to avoid any unintended eruption of rage when your little one makes your blood boil? Read on to know more on what to do when your child makes you angry:

Just Breathe:

This is a classic trick that works all the time. If your toddler is really testing your patience and you are on the verge of losing your cool, just turn around, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. This will help you calm down and will offer you a moment to have control on your emotions before you address your child’s behaviour.

Take Five:

If you feel the heat of your anger burning at your cheek, walk out of the situation to calm yourself. By pulling your angry-self physically away from your child, you avoid the temptation of spanking as well as yelling.

Calm down before disciplining:

Avoid acting out or punishing your child when angry as your ability to be reasonable is marred. Calm yourself down first. Tell them that what they did was wrong and that you disapprove of such behaviour. Also, when you are doing this, sit down with your child at an eye to eye level. Towering over your child and disciplining can be intimidating for him/her.

Watch your tone and choice of words:

Do not be rude or harsh with your tone as this is not going to make your child behave any better. Talk calmly in a firm tone. This can have a negative impact on your child and will also take you on a guilt trip once the anger burns out

Do remember, your child looks up to you for love, protection and affection. So if you do end up losing your cool, ensure that you make it right immediately. Apologize to your child if you end up shouting at your child and promise to work on it for future.